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Privacy PolicyIt’s important to read the privacy policy by the users of the website so they understand the privacy policy and how cookies are created. has written the privacy policy to explain to the users how we gather private information and create cookies. Our website is transparent and in this regard, we share the details to not keep you in the dark.

You may find that on our website, you’ll see external links to third party websites for the purpose of promotions and bonuses. However, their websites have different cookie and privacy policies than our own. Therefore, you should investigate their policies separately since we are not responsible.
By navigating our website you are in agreement with our privacy and cookie policies. Also, you adhere to the practices that are outlined in our cookie and privacy policy information.

Non-personal info

In the next section, you will learn about the different types of information we collect about users.

Non-personal information might be collected that’s released by your device. Some of these include technical data and aggregate user information. For example, it might be a combination of online identifiers and your IP address. Other information that is collected includes website domain name, time of access, languages used and devices.

Also, for the purpose of improving our services we may have collected data on how you use and interact without our website.

Cookie Policy – what you need to know

Cookie PolicyCookies allow our website to tell the difference between various users. Therefore, we can improve the quality of the experience and tailor it to your preferences.

Using cookies we can improve the website performance and quality, which gives you a better experience overall.

When you are using our website you’ll get a small file called a cookie. It’s harmless and it’s a way of activating features and improving the navigation between pages. Also, the file keeps track of your preferences, which leads to a better overall experience.

Here is a list of the cookies that we use and why we have decided to implement the technology:

  1. Session cookies: these are temporary and created for every session that you spend on your website. At the end they will be deleted so nothing is saved on your device. Turning these off will reduce website performance and lead to worse optimization
  2. Persistent cookies: this is a format of cookies that will be used several times as you keep coming back to our website. These type of cookies might be kept for around a year before being deleted. 3rd party providers set the cookies, which means we have no direct control over them.

Cookies have different categories:

  • Performance and analytical: these are the privacy sensitive files that will not record anything personal. Instead, they take note of your user data so we can improve website performance.
  • Functionality cookies: these cookies are based on repeat visitors. They save info and improve usage over several sessions.
  • Targeting cookies. These cookies are used to improve website performance for you specifically.

If you keep coming back to our website then you agree to the cookie and privacy policy that we have laid out. You agree with tracking technologies and the way your user data is harvested for the purpose of improving the quality and performance of the website.

However, if you want to disable cookies, then this functionality is available. Note that by doing so you will be decreasing the quality of your experience and preference settings.

Links to third party websites

Keep in mind that our privacy policy and cookie collection is not applicable to websites that you reach through our links. They are separate websites with their own policies. You need to read them to figure out the risk of entering personal data.

We are not liable for anything that happens when you are visiting the website through third party links. All the risk is your responsibility and if anything should happen, please contact the customer support of the website where the issue occurred.

Making use of your information

The information that is harvested while you are browsing our website will be used for the following reasons:

  • Help for executing research and data analysis to improve and modify our website.
  • Assess and improve the relevancy of the services that are offered to you.
  • Improving the security and safety of our website.

Furthermore, we may have to use the data in the context of abiding by laws, and regulations. We will use data to comply with court demands and governmental direction.

Information sharing

Here is an overview of how we might share data:

Technical analysis, analytics and research

We may need to use data for improving our products and that means using third party software and services. It means we may need to share data with these services, but we will do so in a way that complies with the law.

Buinsess partners and other services

Data could be shared with business partners and other services to help improve the overall service you’re getting. These partners are trusted and data will be handled using the relevant laws.

Additional disclosures

We may also share your information with potential investors, auditors and advisors. During a corporate transaction, for example if someone wants to buy our company, then purchasers will have access to information too. If there is a sale of our company, then all data will be transferred to the new owner of the website and company.

Additionally, we will need to share data to comply with law enforcement agencies, the government and other legal obligations. In the case of illegal activity, scams or other wrongdoing, we may need to share data to protect the integrity of our website.

Information retention

By accessing the content on our website, you agree to our privacy policy and the details laid out above on how we might share your information. However, we will make sure to collect data ethically and keep it secure so that it does not fall into unwanted hands.

Information transfer and security

Security and SafetyWe make use of industry-leading security standards to ensure that your information is kept safe on your services. We regularly update security features where applicable and check the website is working properly.

Also, our company makes use of procedures that minimizes the risk to the security of your private data.

Data transfer via the internet is not always safe because there are many ways to intercept the information. However, we use every safeguard out there to reduce the chances of hackers gaining access to your private data.

We operate globally, which means we deal with a lot of data over many countries and jurisdictions. The laws outside of the EU might be not as strict, which can compromise data. When it’s applicable, we will provide a high level of protection regardless of the local laws.

Age restriction

We only permit users to gamble on our website if they are 18 years of age or above. None of our services are permitted to be used by individuals under 18.

Privacy policy updates

It’s a good idea to read our privacy policy regularly since we will make updates when required. Based on changes to laws, the industry and other factors, we may need to make sudden changes. Therefore, coming back to this page to read regularly will keep you informed.

Our information

If you want to learn more about how we gather information and how your private details are used on our website, the please don’t hesitate to send us an email. We will respond shortly with details if we can answer them.

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