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Before using our website please take a look at the terms and conditions below.


In the next section you’ll find various definitions that we used throughout our website pages. The meaning is the same for these definitions regardless if they are written in the plural or singular form.


These definitions are for our Terms and Conditions page:

  • Terms and Conditions: this can also be called “Terms” and they refer to the agreement that happens between the website and a user that visits.
  • Service: this is about the website.
  • You: the person, company or other legal entity that access our website.
  • Website: mentions of this are about Runcasinosca.com
  • Company: mentions of this is about us, which is a company called runcasinosca.com.
  • Country: unless mentioned otherwise, the country is a Canada.
  • Affiliate: an entity that has 50% ownership of the shares, security or other interests.


The terms and conditions laid out below are binding between you, the guest who is visiting our website, and us the website operators of Runcasinosca.com. The terms describe the obligations, responsibilities and rules that are binding between the 2 parties.

When you begin using our Service, it means that you enter an agreement to the terms and conditions. You agree that they will not be broken and you will follow the rules. However, if you do not agree with the terms, then please feel free to not use our Service.

Keep in mind that the condition upon which you can access our service depends on you accepting the Privacy Policy and Terms. The Privacy Policy shares the way we collect information about you and how it is sorted. Also, it outlines in what cases we might share your personal data and with what type of entities. The policy also outlines how you are protected with privacy laws from your personal information being used without consent.

Hyperlinks to external websites

You may find external links that are pointing to other websites, of which our Company is not the owner. Therefore, the Company has no control or responsibility for the practices, privacy policies or content of those websites. In the case of damage, broken privacy laws or other problems, we are not liable for what happens on the websites found via external links.

We advise that you take time to read the third party Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. You might spot differences from our own that are important to note.


We may deactivate your account and access to our services without giving you notice or delay. We can do so for any of the reason that includes you breaking the terms and conditions. Once your account has been deactivated you will lose access privileges right away.

Liability limitations

In the event that you file a claim for damages, because of broken terms against our company, we are limiting the amount of liability we are responsible for. If you haven’t used our services then the liability will be capped at 100 USD.

Our company will not be liable for the maximum extent of the law for any type of damages, which includes indirect, consequential, incidental and special damages of any kind, loss of data or information, business interruption, loss of profits, personal injury.

Some states may not provide liability protection for the above mentioned damage types, in those cases we limit the liability of both parties up to a maximum as is stated by law.

Governing law

These are the country laws and how they relate and apply to our terms and conditions. The laws can be broken down by the country, national, state, and local level.

Resolution of disputes

Before escalating the matter, please contact our company to resolve the dispute.
Website visitors from the EU (European Union)
Guests visiting from the EU can take advantage of local laws that relate to our terms and conditions.

Legal compliance of US players

You must agree that you are not in the United States or listed as a person that is listed on the United States Government list of restricted or prohibited parties.
Waiver and Severability


If the terms cannot be enforced, then they will be changed so that they can be correctly interpreted. The language of the terms may need to be changed so that they are relevant to local laws.


This is a request to get a pardon for the terms and the responsibilities that they come with. Receiving a waiver does not allow future breaches of the terms at an unspecified date.

Translation interpretation

In the event of a dispute we will not be translating our terms. English will be the language that is used to settle the dispute.

Terms and conditions possible changes

We have the right to make changes to the terms and conditions at any time. However, we will make an effort to offer a 30 day notice period to inform the users of changes made to the terms and conditions. The definition of what makes a change will be decided by us.
Once the changes take place and you continue to use our services, then it means that you agree to the changes and the new terms and conditions.

Contact us

If you have issues or problems about our terms and conditions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service department.

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